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West Daisy Design exists to push media design into the realm of artful expression through collective community power. For so long we’ve lived in a culture that prioritizes individuals winning and our world is now displaying the consequences of those values for all to see. From climate change to systemic oppression our world can no longer sustain individualism and every decision we make as a collective has the opportunity to make a shift towards a more just world.

West Daisy prioritizes centering voices that have been traditionally silenced or pushed to the sidelines. Our passion is to artfully interpret, display, and boost your ideas, creativity, and truth to the world through a variety of media and print. Your business, organization, and ideas are an extension of your heart and soul which includes the community you surround yourself with. Let’s work together to build on your genuine ideas and wild passions.

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Hello! My name is Autumn Lovewell, and I live and create in West Seattle with my lovely wife and three rad teens. I was born and raised in Southern California, whose sunny vibes and laid-back lifestyle have influenced my aesthetic and design. My youth consisted of roller skating, street tacos, punk rock and hip-hop, and ocean swimming. I carried those punk rock ethics with me to Seattle in the year 2000 for rainier days, coffee, and the music scene.

I started to build my resume, which included birth doula, HR/recruiter, volunteer, interior designer, and more recently, owner and manager of a coffee shop. Being a creative type of introvert, I tend to enjoy working solo, but I also deeply understand that working in a healthy community can lead to a more equitable and vibrant life for all. Activism and working to dismantle white supremacy and its oppressive systems is a big part of my life and identity.

I’ve always loved bright colors, unique shapes, and inviting textures. My senses are constantly alive and sometimes in overdrive. I dream of run-down buildings or homes devoid of life that need my keen eye for design to bring them back. I hope to keep bringing design to life and beauty to this world through visuals that are fun and inspiring.


Autumn Lovewell


Send me an email if you’d like more information. I look forward to chatting with you.

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